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Which Way to the Stage
Signature Theatre

“enchanting…As Judy, Dani Stoller brings a passion and star quality that's balanced and occasionally dimmed by the character's doubts and timidity - watching Judy struggle with her self-confidence, despite her clear talent, is a hauntingly familiar experience. Stoller connects beautifully as she shows this more vulnerable side, and makes the audience root for those flashes of brilliance we see as the show progresses” – Broadway World

"From start to finish, Stoller’s performance was electric and full speed as she rocketed the audience from joy to anguish to triumph." - DC Theater Arts


"Dani Stoller is one of the strongest actresses in the DC area, and she is fantastic as Judy. She can motivate any line, explore its every potential, and electrify it with sharp intent and fervor unlike any performer I have seen. Stoller beautifully captures Judy’s passions and insecurities, and fills every moment with strong point-of-view. As entertaining as it is to see her character speak, it is also fascinating to watch her listen." – Unprofessional Opinion DC blog

My Body, No Choice
Arena Stage

"Stoller brings a spiky insouciance to “Battered Baby” that helps us understand the resilience in her troubled character." - The Washington Post


"Stoller brings spirit, athleticism, and deep insight to the portrait of a woman who has likely been abused since babyhood. Her honesty as an actress is so palpable that we admire her more and more for her stoicism and ability to persevere." - DC Theater Arts


"You will never see an actor develop a character so vividly and fully as Dani Stoller does with every role. It is remarkable how fiercely she nuances and energizes a character. In Arena Stage’s My Body, No Choice, Stoller was entrancingly excellent during her monologue performance. She developed a rich, unique physicality and a defined, colorful way of speaking. Her command of the stage was electric and inspiring." – Unprofessional Opinion DC blog

The Crucible
Olney Theatre Center

"(As) young Abigail Williams (a perfectly cast Dani Stoller) who casts a seductive eye at Proctor and subtly ringleads the “possessed” girls."  - The Washington Post

"Stoller’s interpretation is strong and piercing..." - DC Metro Theater Arts

"An all-star ensemble!" - BroadwayWorld

"Stoller is absolutely convincing..." - DC Theatre Scene

"Ms. Stoller is truly effective in this role." - MD Theatre Guide

As You Like It 

Folger Shakespeare Theater